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The Trilogy Principles

Three key principals we believe are essential in setting up and maintaining your cover

Your Business is Unique

This means that we need to spend time with you, so you can tell us about your business: what you do and how you do it.  Only then can we formulate a cost effective and appropriate Insurance Package that will meet your unique needs.

Competition is King

It is our responsibility to approach multiple insurers on your behalf, in order to get you the best cover to protect your business.  We use our knowledge and influence to ensure that your business is presented in the best light to the Insurers.  We always find that one insurer will be a “stand-out” winner and this means that you get the best deal.

Change is Inevitable

The commercial environment is fluid and reactive to change.  As your circumstances will have minor or sometimes major changes during the year, we must review your coverage on a regular basis to pick up on those changes and fine tune your coverage at the time.  

We will also keep you posted on Industry developments as new products or services become available in response to our rapidly changing world, for example,  IT Cover for the damages caused by hacking of your computer systems.