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Are Inferior products putting you at risk

With a growing trend of overseas purchases there are new issues that can arise from this.

Warning to all trades people. When you purchase products from overseas the importer is deamded  to be the manufacture.

The below article highlights the importance of sourcing your products through a large reputable Muti national company.

This will provide you a layer of protection should the product be deemed faulty or inferior.  

Infinity electrical wiring Article: *

Electrical wiring conducts electricity and, in its bare form, is dangerous and must be housed in a protective casing called insulation. It is essential that the outer plastic casing remains durable and strong. If an electrical appliance or circuitry of any type is not installed, handled or manufactured correctly there is potential for a fire or, more importantly, serious injury or loss of life. As an insurer, we must be wary of the quality of electrical installation or equipment in a building and ensure it is properly manufactured, serviced and maintained. This is particularly important in the case of old buildings where wiring may have deteriorated over time.

A disturbing trend that now affects building owners, occupants, electrical contractors, suppliers and insurance underwriters alike is to do with the importation into Australia of inferior quality electrical cabling. On the 27th of August 2014, numerous retailers and wholesalers including Masters and Mitre 10 were instructed by the ACCC to recall electrical cabling manufactured by Infinity Cable Co P/L, branded either "Infinity" or "Olsent TPS". Under certain circumstances, the ACCC has even advised that where such cabling has already been installed, it may need to be replaced, particularly if located close to people or heat sources. 

The issue with the suspect cabling is that it doesn't meet Australian Standards, failing the test under AS/NZS 5000.2:2006 in that it is likely to become prematurely brittle with age. An added problem is that although the Infinity Cabling product was recalled, 40,000 homes and businesses already had the wiring installed in either new or existing premises between 2010 and 2013. We have already received numerous claims in relation to the suspect cabling. The importer has also since gone into liquidation so any remaining parties such as retailers and contractors are now potentially exposed to litigation.  This means that electrical retailers and contractors need to ensure that they hold adequate cover for potential litigation via their Public & Products Liability.

 Information is also available on the website of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC.)


Referenced from Resilium Team Technical News Email Publication of 16 Mach 2016